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Vila Kristina

Đurković family sends you a welcome!

Villa Kristina is a life project of the Đurković family. Miro and Nada, with their daughter Kristina (after her, the object got its name, and which is the official Miss Tourism of Montenegro and the official face of many hotel brands) and the entire staff will do everything for your unforgettable stay in our hotel.

The friendly staff of the hotel will be at your service at any time to make your stay in the hotel comfortable and convenient.

We wish you a pleasant vacation!

Villa Kristina


Villa Kristina is an old stone house from the 17th Century that has been adapted and now building with four De lux apartments modernly equipped with everything that is necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday.

Is situated on the northern coast of Lustica peninsula, Boka Kotor Bay, Montenegro, with view of Tivat, Lastva, Herceg Novi Riviera and mountain Lovcen. It is small and quite hamlet village without usual city crowds and noise, with, according to the researches made by the Sea Biology Institute from Kotor, the cleanest sea on complete seaside of Montenegro.The sun here rises a bit earlier and sets laterthan in all Boka Kotor Bay. Bjelila or ’’ small SVETI STEFAN’’ as named by its admirers, consists of around twenty adapted old stone houses which local people, that is residents of hamlet Gosici, and Kostici as storehouses where they used to make keep wine, boats’equipment, fishing traps since they had their vineyards in the valley named OKO. The vineyards used to extend from Bjelila to Krasici, as well as gardensfull of ornage and lemon trees. Specific micro climate conditions – the breeze over the hill much fresh water in the sea ... the water comes from many springs, to mention a few (Small Frutak, Big Frutak,small and Big Cave) as well as the river Rijeka which flows into the valley OKO in Bjelila, making Bjelila a pearl of this part of Tivat Bay in which everybody finds just what he or she has been missing.

Nowadays in Bjelila there are few more than twenty permanent families, and during summer season number of residents is going up to more than three hundred.

Villa Kristina


Our hotel's professional staff allows us to give you the undivided attention that you deserve. We pride ourselves on ensuring only the most comfortable and enjoyable stay for our hotel guests. Our friendly staff will always try to accommodate special requests to personalize your stay.

The Villa Kristina exists for you and is at your service. Any deal is possible. Contact us so that we can get to an agreement.



Mr. Miro is owner and leads Villa Kristina staff in a way where guests are guaranteed to have a satisfying and memorable lodging experience. Our most successful marketing tool has been the positive experiences discussed by our customers with friends, family, and business associates. Mr. Miro is responsible for directing a team that is willing to take the extra step to accommodate our guests and earn their loyalty.

My favorite part of working at the Villa Kristina: "I enjoy the success of overcoming the challenges that arise in the day-to-day operation of the Villa Kristina. The opportunity to direct a relatively small but upscale,Villa allows me to interact closely with our guests and staff."

General Manager


Miss Nada does everything from purchasing little items guests forget to planning exciting corporate events. She manages a staff of 12 employees and goes the extra mile to make sure they are appreciated by motivating them with fun meetings and remembering their birthdays. She makes the same effort for our hotel guests. Both Miro and Nada are very hands on. This makes working at the Villa Kristina fun and lets the guests know that they are willing to pitch in wherever needed.

All other the staff of the Villa Kristina will be happy to assist you during your stay, providing information and valuable suggestions; at reception you can book guided tours and excursions and rent a car, even with a driver.

We will solve any dilemma or request ... contact us!